O T T E R W O O D    a sculpture commissioned by the Port of San Diego

A San Diego Urban Tree is an epitaph to the sea otter and another time when other people and creatures roamed this Earth.

This San Diego Urban Tree planted on the Embarcadero pays respect to the memory of early California, a region once fecund with kelp forests, otters, fish and peoples. The kayak was the vessel of the hunters who came from The North to decimate the otter population for profit. Withdrawn from the sea, now pointed toward the sun, Otterwood is an epitaph to the sea otter.

The sculpture is site-specific. A brochure was designed to interpret the concept for the public and was available in a plexiglas case on the side of the pedestal.



interpretive brochure / outside surface


interpretive brochure / inside surface

on the Embarkaderootterbondagesea otter

hunting otter with a spear thrower

hunting otter with a spear throw