A N   E L E V A T O R   P I T C H    leave behind

Hawai‘i has E N E R G Y of its own — abundant, clean, renewable, local resources like: solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and ocean temperature differential. Yet complacency and lack of leadership from energy utility companies away from its status-quo dependency on fossil fuels keeps Hawai‘i bleeding away its wealth. Non-profit organization Blue Planet Foundation’s mission is to turn that around.

Posing the problem and the solution is more than a sentence. Therefore a concise yet compelling leave-behind helps complete the message, and provides a memory-aid and contact information. This pocket elevator speech with its round corners is friendly, and with forceful oceanic visuals, bespeaks Hawai‘ian.



Front side of pocket printed brochureFront: Accordion-fold, fully unfurled

T E X T  “At Blue Planet Foundation, we envision a prosperous, sustainable future; fueled by Hawai’i’s natural (dynamic, abundant, vibrant+clean, powerful, local)), energy sources; Energy puts life into motion, and the energy we put in determines how far we can go.; Now is the time: Blue Planet is moving Hawai’i beyond oil — toward a future powered by — P O S I T I V E   E N E R G Y”

all_back_whiteBack: Accordion-fold, fully unfurled

T E X T  “Blue Planet focuses its acts in 4 ways: 1  To drive bold energy policy, 2  To develop innovative efficiency programs, 3  To harness human energy, 4  To invoke a sustainable energy culture.”